Saturday, April 17, 2004


17th April 2004, 6-10pm,
The Laban, Creekside, Deptford, London, SE8 3DZ

DIGITALX is a 1 day digital art event with the participation of:
Blast Theory / Greyworld / Susanne Dietz / Neutral / Deckspace / Rick Buckley / Mapstation live

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Greyworld presents:
Urban Sketches
This installation provides a unique glimpse through Alice’s looking glass into another world, where blue plasma shoots from the hands of some passers-by whilst other visitors suddenly appear to catch on fire. It is a portal into another dimension where movement is transformed into a magical and elegant work of art.

Blast Theory presents:
Light square, anew work from Blast Theory in which two performers, two televisions and two video projections interact with one another.

Deckspace presents:
ConsumeX, a Wireless research project to expose data network resources and build a Community Area Network with local people for all to use.The area of focus echos that of DeptfordX Festival footprint, from Greenwich up river to the Lewisham borders, round Deptford centre, New Cross Gate and back across MillBrook via St Johns.
The first six access locations have now been equiped and interlinked to exchange data link to the internet for free via the internet gateway at deckspace in Greenwhich. CONSUME is the international free networking strategy and advocates establishment of user owned and run computer networks, supporting node builders and presenting its progress, driving fresh community development and a transformation of the public media landscape.

Susanne Dietz presents:
bandsalat is a digital installation of an analogue disaster
Stretched – chewed – twisted – thinned – torn – creased - snapped – jammed – ripped – crumpled – spliced – strained - kinked – scarred – mutilated – strangled.
Home taping was killing music.
Sound by Conspiracy, Performance by David Rosenberg (SHUNT)

Neutral presents:
"Laban video”
The Laban video is a sketchy piece, documenting the process in the
middle of the construction phase of the dance centre. The video was
aimed to show alternate design solutions for interior surfaces and
features and was used to provoke discussion and help in decision
making. The raw concrete shell of the building is juxtaposed with
samples of materials and colours to be used for the finishes. Also the
surrounding, rapidly developing cityscape of Deptford is documented as part of the process."

Stefan Schneider (To Rococo Rot, ex-Kreidler)
For more than two years Mapstation has been the imprint of Stefan Schneider. Stefan also plays bass guitar and electronics with the Düsseldorf/Berlin trio TO ROCOCO ROT. Mapstation's music is closer to minimalist techno, but brings the euphoria of the genre together with charming slow-downs of pace and bpm. Mapstation will create a soundscape in the exterior landscape of Laban.

Stefan Schneider's performance at Laban

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