Thursday, September 18, 2003

veneer/ folheado

18 September - 11 October 2003, galeria zdb, Lisbon

30 October – 22 November 2003, Catalyst Arts, Belfast

Curated by: Natxo Checa, Tobi Maier, Deirdre McKenna

veneer/ folheado was an art and exchange project between Belfast and Lisbon. It was organised by Dosensos, London, zdb gallery, Lisbon and Catalyst Arts, Belfast. veneer/ folheado was a multidisciplinary exchange project comprising of exhibition, public art, music events, films, talks and football.

Through a collaborative project involving art practitioners from Portugal and Ireland, veneer/folheado attempted to create a bi-national dialogue that supersedes mass-media-produced misconceptions and transcultural fears.

The project veneer/ folheado gave emerging as well as established artists the opportunity to exhibit in a new environment with different audiences. The first part of veneer/ folheado’s exhibition commenced in Lisbon on the 18th September ’03 and was housed in zdb gallery. It presented works by contemporary Northern Irish artists both within the gallery and site specifically. On the 30th October ’03, the second part of the exhibition opened at Catalyst Arts, Belfast, showing contemporary Portuguese art.

run till 22. November 2003.

A bilingual catalogue and 7” vinyl accompanied this exhibition.

More info:

Artists showing at zdb gallery, Lisbon

• Acitore Z Artezione, Internet live video link up to Belfast
• Paddy Bloomer & Nicky Keogh, public intervention
• Steven Dickie, design for dif. magazine Lisbon and 7" vinyl
• Emma Donaldson, sound installation
• Seamus Harahan, video work
• John Mathews, photography & 7" vinyl
• Chris Murphy, installation and sound work
• Clive Murphy, public artwork (@ Benetton Chiado)
• Duncan Ross, screen prints
• Miriam de Burca, video work
• Robin Carson, video work and presentation of TV Documentary on Portuguese workers in Northern Ireland, and Azuleijos (in collaboration with the Portuguese community in Dungannon)
• Reading Room (printed material on other artistic projects from Northern Ireland)

Artists showing at Catalyst Arts, Belfast

• Ines Botelho, installation
• Alexandre Estrela, video installation
• Joao Maria Gusmao + Pedro Paiva, installation and video
• Ivo, painting
• Paulo Mendes, public art and photography
• Rigo, public art, mural painting
• Ruy Otero, Video
• Jorge Santos, projection and vinyl on glass frame
• Nuno da Silva, installation with slide projection

Events in Lisbon

• 18th September: Opening of Irish contemporary art exhibition with live music @zdbmusique (with Olympic Lifts ,, and runs until 11th October

• 20th September at 6.30pm: Talk @ zdb given by Allen Feldman, Ph.D Associate Professor of the Media Ecology Program, Department of Culture and Communication, New York University and António Pocinho (Lisbon based writer and sociologist)

• 21st September at 7pm: performance and talk at Museu de Chiado (Christopher Murphy, Fällt Records – and Paulo Raposo, Sirr Records -

• 22nd September: Artist/ Curator in conversation at ESTGAD, Caldas de Reinha (with Paddy Bloomer & Nicky Keogh, Miriam de Burca, Natxo Checa and Deirdre McKenna)

• 8/9/10 October: Film screenings of Northern Irish / Irish Film productions at Forum Lisboa:

- H3 (2001, Director: Les Blair) (8th October: 19h ; 10th October: 22h)
- The most fertile man in Ireland (2000, Director: Dudi Appleton)
(8th October: 22h ; 9th October: 19h)
- As the Beast sleeps (1998; A Film Drama For BBC TWO, written by Gary Mitchell), (9th October 22h ; 10 th October 19h)

Forum Lisboa
Av.Roma 14 L
1000-265 Lisboa
tel: +351-21-842-09-29

• 9th October: performance at LUX-fragil club

Events in Belfast

• 30th October: opening of Portuguese contemporary art exhibition with live music by Laut (Pedro Rebelo & Franziska Schroeder,, and runs until 22nd November

• 30th October at 2.15 pm: Artist talk at University of Ulster (Art school)

• 2nd November: football match on the grounds of FC Dungannon between participating Irish/ Portuguese artists and the local Irish/ Portuguese population (in memory of Benfica – Distillery on the 25th of September 1963, result: 3:3)

• 8th November: Loosers, Producers, Trash Converters & Atelier S8/S16 at the Crescent Arts Centre during the Belfast Festival at Queens

• 9/15/16 November: 3 Film screenings of Portuguese films in collaboration with Step, Dungannon and Screenings at Queens Film Theatre, Belfast.


The catalogue is bilingual in English and Portuguese.

Contributors to the catalogue include:
Natxo Checa, Tobi Maier and Deirdre McKenna (curators)

Articles by:
• Dr. Malcolm Brodie (former Sport Journalist for the Belfast Telegraph)
• Anna Colin (art critic and co-director of dosensos, London)
• Dr. Allen Feldmann (Associate Professor, Media Ecology Program, Department of Culture and Communication, New York University)
• Dr. Daniel Jewesbury (Belfast based artist and critic)
• Bernadette McAliskey (Head of Southern Tyrone Empowerment Programme, Dungannon)


• Idalina Conde
• Antonio Pocinho
• Joao Maria Gusmao

Designed by:
Tó Trips

Accompanied by: 7inch vinyl, featuring The Loosers on one, John Mathews/ Steven Dickie on the other side.

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