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Dosensos radio programme

From May 2002 to March 2005, dosensos run a fortnight show on Resonance 104.4fm.


12.January 2005:with Kembra Pfahler and Kenny Schachter on the occasion of the exhibition "Kembra Pfahler - File under ‘V’ The vocabulary according to The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black" at Kenny Schachter Rove gallery. With the participation of curator David Ross and Aaron Moulton. Listen to this programme here.

26.January 2005: re-transmission of The Putch ( spasm vs building transmissions) a sonic event at Haus der Kunst in Munich as part as Utopia Station.

23.February 2005 : with New York based performance, theatre and visual
artist William Pope.l on the occasion of his exhibition at Rove gallery, (Hoxton Square) and with
Berlin based artist Roland Boden on the occasion of his exhibition at APT gallery (Deptford). Also in the studio Kenny Schachter (Rove gallery, London) and Christoph Tannert (Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin)

28.June, 7-8.30pm : SIX SITES FOR SOUND with artists Mathias Gmachl (farmersmanual), Mark Schreiber, Michael J. Schumacher and Keiko Uenishi in the studio for a round table discussion on current issues around sound art and presentations of recent audio works. listen to this programme here www.sixsitesforsound.net

11.July 5 - 6.30pm: Guestroom special: with editors Maria Benjamin and Ruth Hoeflich and artists Andy Holden and Hilary Koob- Sassen (www.guest-room.net)

18.July 2005 7-8.30pm: SIX SITES FOR SOUND with artists Lynn Cox, Bill Waltier and Steve Webber (project co-ordinator Art through touch) in the studio for a conversation on issues around sound art for visually impaired people and presentations of participants recent audio works. listen to this programme here www.sixsitesforsound.net


7.January 04: repeated from 24th December 2003 - Report and recordings from "I am a curator" at Chisenhale gallery.

21.January 04: Report on the Icelandic visual arts scene. Interviews with artists and galleries and other recordings. This programme was made possible with the help and contribution of artists Ilmur Stefansdottir, Bjargey Olafsdottir, Finboggi Petursson, Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson, Dorothee Kirch and i8 gallery.

4.February 04: with Celine Condorelli & Gavin Wade, previewing Support Structure -phase 2 at the Economist Plaza, an ongoing curatorial project.

18.February 04: "Meanwhile …across town" Coded messages sent across London from Centre Point Tower /// with artist Cerith Wyn Evans and curator Mathieu Copeland.

4.March 04: with Aaron Moulton on Donald Judd's retrospective at Tate Modern (5th Ferbruary - 25th April 2004).

17.March 04:with Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett from London based non-profit furtherfield.org. Furtherfield is an online platform for the creation, promotion, criticism and archiving of adventurous digital/net art work for public viewing, experience and interaction.

31.March 04: a programme edited by Cian Donnelly, (artist and co-director Catalyst Arts, Belfast) Focus of this programme is story and storytelling. Cian describes his work as a childrens fantastical spiritual musical (part one of three). The other contributor to the programme is artist Luke Collins, based in Dundee and Manchester. His spoken word piece is based on an old Winnebago myth of The Trickster.

14.April 04: with Jeremy Woods (Museum of Installation), artist Susanne Dietz and James Stevens (Deckspace) on the occasion of DigitalX, a 1 day digital art event on the 17th April at Laban, Deptford

20.April 04: hosting a Clear Spot 7-8.30 pm curated by Cliff Lauson and Adrian Shaw, featuring an exclusive interview with artist Liam Gillick.

28.April 04: with the centre of attention on the occasion of the Ken Friedman exhibition 12 structures (4 April to 2 May 2004, Fridays to Sundays, 1 to 6 pm at the Centre of Attention, 15 Cottons Gardens, London E2 8DN)

12.May 04: Report on New York / New Sound festival, a series of events around sound art and computer music. Inlcudes an interview with James Fei, composer and co-curator of New York / New Sound.

26.May 04: Discussion with Jonny Dawe and Lauren Parker, curators of Shhh, a sound art exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum. 10 international artists create a sonic response to the objects and spaces in the museum. More info on: http://shhh.vam.ac.uk/ ++ recordings from Portable live at Fact, Liverpool.

9.June 04: Visual artists Ella Gibbs and Amy Plant present Laburnum Pilot, a street magazine made with people who live, work and pass through Laburnum Street. The project is coordonated by the Drawing Room. A street party on Laburnum Street will launch the magazine on Saturday 26 June, 2 - 8pm.

15.June 04: Dosensos special Clear spot : 7-8.30 pm Live web cast from the exhibition Rock's Role (After Ryoanji) @ Art in general, New York, April 24 to June 26, 2004. Rock's Remix: Artist's from Rock's Role perform their own remixes of the exhibition. More info on: http://www.artingeneral.org

23.June 04: Live in the studio with Northern Irish artists Paddy Bloomer and Nicky Keogh commenting on their intervention in San Sebastian at Manifesta 5, the European biennial of contemporary art + giving away their number one rules (dont trust the snooze button, ignore small horses...) + Interview with Irish artist Garrett Phelan.

7.July 04: featuring an interview with artists Charles de Meaux and Thibault de Montalembert on their collaboration for the film Shimkent Hotel and the release of the Anna Sanders Book, The In-Between, published by Forma and Les Presses du Reel. Also featuring a preview on [london placard], a day and a night of headphone performances organised by a network of London-based promoters, labels and artists. (17. July @ state51 factory)

21.July 04: With studio guests Emily Pethik and Chris Hammonds presenting Publish and be Damned, a two-part project exploring current experimental editorial directions through an eclectic selection of self-published magazines, comics and journals. At Cubitt gallery, 8 Angel Mews, N1, till 1. August 2004

4.August 04: Interview conducted with the editors (Maria Benjamin and Ruth Hoeflich) of Guestroom, an independent art magazine, with some tracks from the accompanying cd + Brooklyn-based artist Jude Tallichet's audio piece "There is honey on the moon".

18.August 04: presenting an interview with Brazilian artist Marssares, currently in residency at Gasworks and a feature on the London International Animation Festival, 24-29 August at The Other Cinema, 11 Rupert Street, Soho.

1.September 2004: "Artists acting as musicians versus musicians acting as artists", a conversation with art critic Dan Fox and artist / musician Nathaniel Mellors live in the studio.

15.September 2004: Interview with Lise Nellemann, co-director of the Berlin artist' run space Sparwasser and audio project by Andrea Creutz and Lise Skou.

29.September 2004: Inclusive and hybrid design: with product designer Torsten Neeland (www.torsten-neeland.co.uk), curator Nuno Coelho and Architect/ Filmmaker Christian Grou (www.neutral.gs)

20.October 2004: Re-broadcast of visual artist Adam Chodzko's audio pieces Plan, Limbo, Settlement and Float 17.

3.November 2004: Re-broadcast of Anthony Huberman's interview with American sculptor and installation artist Vito Acconci. Followed by Various Indistinct Events, a piece composed by Mario Asef and performed in October 2004 at Podewil, Berlin.

17.November 2004: Preview on the play 'Jeff Koons' by Rainald Goetz at the ICA from the 15-27 November. In the studio: Gordon Anderson, director, and Becs Andrews, set designer + American Conceptual Artist Lawrence Weiner in conversation with Anthony Huberman, programme director
Sculpture Centre of New York (repeat broadcast).

1.December 2004: iDEA an audio work by Gry Bagoien.

15.December 2004: Presentation of the media collective Building Transmissions, and its participation to Utopia Station.

12.January 2005:with Kembra Pfahler and Kenny Schachter on the occassion of the exhibition "Kembra Pfahler - File under ‘V’ The vocabulary according to The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black" at Kenny Schachter Rove gallery. With the participation of curator David Ross.

26.January 2005: re-transmission of The Putch ( spasm vs building transmissions) a sonic event at Haus der Kunst in Munich as part as Utopia Station.


8.January 03: with Reza Arameshi and Tina Spears present Centrefold , sound works + Norwegian Lady live act

22.January 03: Reviews of Parisian current exhibitions. German fictions and Mescalinaeden's latest songs +Writer Natashka Moreau reading one chapter out of her novel Le livre dont je t'ai parle, in French.

05.February 03: Presenting " eigenzeitverstaerker" von Sven hahne and Norman muller, kunsthochschule fuer medien, Cologne + recordings from unknown quantity, exhibition at La Fondation Cartier , Paris+ Natshka Moreau: chapter 2.

12.February 03:Valeria Rocca from Survival International comments on the charity's activities while announcing the carnival party + Natshka Moreau: chapter 3.

19.February 03:Greek experimental bedroom musician Anastasis Efentakis: Live set + Natashka Moreau: chapter 4.

26.February 03: Interview with film-maker Isaac Julien on his new piece Baltimore, commissioned by the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool + Natashka Moreau: chapter 5.

05.March 03: guest Prof. Dr. Joachim Maier, University of Education, Heidelberg talks about art and transcendence + recordings from Minnesota churches by Belfast based artist Clive Murphy.

12.March 03:Discovery of the local artistic scene of Liverpool, with the artist run space Jump Ship Rat and his main actors, Ben Parry and Myriam Tahir + music taken from earlier performances at Jump Ship Rat and sound collages.

19.March 03:Interview with sound artist Susan Philipsz, showing at gallery 38 Langham Street and Tate Britain's Triennial of Contemporary British Art "Days like these" + Natashka Moreau: chapter 6.

26.March 03:Interview with Stephen Hackett, co-founder of Factotum and Cinilingus, Belfast and editor of the recently published Belfast Songs Book

2.April 03:Interview with Paul Melas from moosootoo.com, an organisation promoting contemporary Greek culture in London. Followed by a discussion in Greek with K-Beta, the pioneer of electronic music in Athens. + Natashka Moreau and her guest Willow.

9.April 03: contemporary dance and experimental music meet @ Geographic & Stop currently at the OVAL House. Choreographer and performer Leo Kay and musician Marc Brown come to the studio to talk about their latest piece.

16.April 03: Pre-recorded interview on Ulster Scots language and identity, with linguist Ian James Parsley and Michael Hance, director of the Scots Language Resource Centre in Perth. Followed by Gary James' acoustic guitar works + Natashka Moreau: chapter 7.

23.April 03: dancehall with lars ender from rubbadum soundystem mannheim. see also: www.rubbadum.de :::: and first opinions on the saatchi gallery collected on the day + Natashka Moreau: chapter 8.

30.April 03: with studio guest and artist Alf Löhr www.alflohr.de

7.May 03: Natashka Moreau and her guest Dan Lywood from Sound Architecture.

14.May 03: discussion with sculptor Ekkehard Altenburger and video artist Johannes Maier.

21.May 03: Report from Goldsmiths with Brazilian artist Camila Sposati amongst other MA graduates. Also in the studio is country music sound artist Simon Clark + Natashka Moreau: chapter 9.

28.May 03: with the people behind www.kultureflash.net (Headlines from London) + Natashka Moreau: chapter 10.

4.June 03: with Basque experimental musician Mattin www.mattin.org and a report on the contemporary art scene in the Basque country.

11.June 03: with Regitze Bondesen and Fiona Fieber, curators of "Art Trail - Boxed" (see Stokefest 2003). They discuss the new version of the Stoke Newington festival happening on Sunday 15th June.

18.June 03: Natashka Moreau presents Distant Fictions: Fictional stories written by young authors whose english is a second language. Professionals and amateurs meet. This month, Anthon Faroux, Peter Shayne, Sofia Tillberg, Anne Larsson and Natashka Moreau will read their own short piece of text.

25.June 03: with artist Marcia Farquhar currently showing in Independence @ South London gallery & artist and film maker Michael Shaowanasai, one of Thailands representatives at this year's Venice Bienale.

2.July 03: Report on Deptford X Festival 2003. Studio guests: organizers Deborah Astell and Reuben Thurnhill + Eliete Mejorado (Tetine): 'Slum Dunk - Brazilian Hip Hop and Electronic Culture from the hills'

9.July 03: with Denise Hawrysio curator and participating artist of the exhibition 15/1(2) at 1 000 000 mph (12 – 27 July 2003) + Kate Grieve and Dallas Seitz, its directors.

16.July 03: Report on the 50th Venice Biennial from Venice, www.labiennale.org

23.July 03: Eliete Majorado and Bruno Verner present the second episode of 'Slum Dunk - Brazilian Hip Hop and Electronic Culture from the hills' . Two guests complement this feature: Ducha and Jarbas Lopez, visual artists based in Rio and completing a residency at Gasworks

30.July 03: Natashka Moreau presents the second "distant features" with five foreign writers (Sofia Tilberg, Chiara Bardini, Michel Castagnet, Vanessa Billy and Natashka Moreau) + duo of musicians BIB (www.themmpress.com) will accompany the readings.

6.August 03: Interview with Hackney based artists collective Slowfall (www.slowfall.org) in St Augustine's tower + interview with Sam Porritt, London (Royal Academy of Art).

13.August 03: Hackney based artist Robin Bale comes to the studio to perform spoken word pieces and talk about artistic practices found in Hackney.

20.August 03: The Wireless Surgeon, old-fashion radio presenter comes to the studio for a short intervention with guests.

27.August 03: Natashka Moreau presents the third "distant fictions".

3.September 03: Independent art publishers special with Richard West, editor of the photographic magazine Source (www.source.ie); and Maria Fusco, editor at Book Works (www.bookworks.org.uk)

10.September 03: Brian Eno's various collaborations presented by music aficionado Tom Elliott.

17.September 03: Distant Fictions 4th edition presented by Natashka Moreau

1.October 03: Broadcast of the series of talks organised by slowfall (www.slowfall.org)

15.October 03:Discussion with Giacomo Picca, visual artist from Brazil.

29.October 03: Wednesday Blue: with Tom Elliott. Blue in music, art and society.

12.November 03: Transmission of Sean Gubbins talk on Hackney Parish history + new music from Portugal

26.November 03: Will Hunt @ LIVE2003, a Rockumentary interview and live performances by the artist, with guest commentators Ali McGuilp and Adrian Lee.

10. December 03: A showcase of contemporary canadian art with Andrew McAllister, artist & curator --- +++ recorded interviews from the opening night of out and about, @ Century gallery.

24.December 03: Report and recordings from dosensos' participation in "I am a curator" a project by Per Huttner at Chisenhale gallery.


1.May 02: Exhibition Frequencies [Hz] at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Festival Intermedium 2 Karlsruhe, Oval live! @ Mousonturm Frankfurt

15.May 02: Palais de Tokyo and Audiolab Paris, Tau live! @ Mousonturm Frankfurt -

29.May 02: dosensos radio

12.June 02: contemporary dance feature. Random dance company, musicians working in dance

26.June 02: Project 101 in Paris Paris, Centre Pompidou's collection review, recording of open air washing machine concert at Batofar, Paris

7.July 02: with Elke Moltrecht (music curator, Podewil Berlin) and live webcast: operea Venusmond (with Burkhard Stangl, Oswald Egger, Martin Brandlmayer, Christoph Kurzmann) from Podewil Arts Centre Berlin

21.July 02: report from documenta 11 Kassel and KW Kunstwerke Berlin

24.July 02: guest DJ Tobi Jaekle and summer fun studio

7.August 02: repeat airing of Dosensos´1st show

21.August 02: report from festival la route du rock 12, st.malo, France

4.September 02: repeat airing of 21.August.2002's show

18.September 02:with guests Vanderlei Lucentini and Djalma Correa english/ portuguese show on their work in Brasil (theatre and music) - recorded at the Goethe Institut, Sao Paulo

2.October 02: with Artist collective Coletivo Formigeiro [Almir Almas, Lucas Bambozi, Christine Mello, Rachel Rosalen, Rogerio Borovik and Ines Cardoso]on new media art in Brasil and current cultural issues - recorded at PUC, Sao Paulo

16.October 02: with guest Luca Robba aka Mescalinaeden

30.October 02: with guests Tetine (sulphur records) playing live + London art preview & review

13.November 02: with the Konstruct combo as guests and Djane Nina Blok. Konstruct playing live, Nina reports on art in Poland and Ukraine.

27.November 02: with guests Sumer Erek and Silke Biller. joint piece on air transportation, aestehetics of airports. with airport/ aircraft sound remix by Anastasis Efentakis.

11.December 02:with Reza Arameshi, Hackney based artist talks about his activities in the London´ East. Presentation of Berlin based musician Tau´s latest album [smip] -live

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