Saturday, June 12, 2004

Bin disco - San Sebastian

A local intervention by Paddy Bloomer and Nicky Keogh
During the opening week of Manifesta 5
12th and 14th June 2004


Bin Disco, 2004 at Manifesta 5, a spontaneous urban intervention by Paddy Bloomer and Nicky Keogh, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

12th June 2004 from 9pm: Pasaia San Pedro

14th June 2004 from 10am: City centre (down Bataplan on La Concha)


Northern Irish artists Nicky Keogh and Paddy Bloomer have proposed to bring their bin disco from Belfast to Donostia - San Sebastián. Bin Disco (200kg, 120:120:140cm) is an interactive installation, which, as its name indicates, consists of a disco in a bin. It is a mobile object which can travel around urban areas.

Bin Disco was shown for the first time earlier this year in Belfast’s alleyways and in Cushendall, in the Northern Irish province. Spawning curiosity amongst locals and visitors, the site became an accidental gathering place. The project is similar in many respects to the Sewer Disco (2003), which run for one summer night, under the ground of a Lisbon street crossing, where it generated a lot of local enthusiasm and national publicity.

Paddy Bloomer and Nicky Keogh explore, conceive and fulfil the most unconventional and refreshing fantasies. Their interventions take form on multiple levels, very often in uninviting, ignored or inaccessible public places. Bloomer and Keogh also investigate monthly for the free cultural Belfast based magazine The Vacuum. Finding out where to get the “less worst” deal for food in Belfast, or how it feels to taste a delicately marinated guinea pig are part of Keogh and Bloomer’s everyday adventurous and absurd performances. Besides entertaining the cynical ones, they challenge people’s expectations of the urban landscape by creating surreal situations. Always with a great dose of jauntiness and humour, they have the ability to get people together and bring something extra to their routine.

Bin Disco will be operated in Pasaia San Pedro on the evening of Saturday 12th of June and during the morning hours on Monday 14th of June in Donostia - San Sebasti├ín Centre. Excerpts from the intervention will be broadcasted on London´s art radio station Resonance 104.4 FM, and worldwide on

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