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London / Berlin residency exchange

Phase I - July - September 2004
Phase II - January - February 2005

Tobi Maier co-curated Berlin x 2004/2005, an exchange between artists from Deptford, South London and Berlin initiated as part of Deptford X 2004. Partners in the exchange are Deptford X, Museum of Installation, APT Gallery and studios in London and Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Kunstfabrik / 2YK Gallery, and Center Gallery in Berlin.

London / Berlin residency exchange (PART II)

The second phase of residencies happened in January/February 2005 at APT gallery in London and the Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. In February, Gavin Wade and Roland Boden will present new work after 6 weeks in residency.

Roland Boden :
Das Böse hinterm Gartenzaun, ist immer auch nett

During his residency in London, German artist Roland
Boden has been working on two new video animations.
The works feature motives of decaying housing
estates in the South London area, dark staircases
and parking lots, depicting locations which exercise
a morbid fascination on the viewer and which might
be associated with crime. While previous animations
have featured his mobile shelter units protecting
individuals from all evil of the urban sprawl, Boden
is now revealing the fallow areas usually avoided
when passing through metropolitan suburbs. Together
with a sculpture and a series of photographs his new
video work "Traumdes Schlaefers" premiered at APT gallery, London from 22nd – 27th February.

Recent group shows include: "Munch revisited" Museum
am Ostwall, Dortmund (2005), "Recolving Doors"
Fundacion Telefonica, Madrid (2004), "Adieu
Avantgarde. Willkommen zu Haus" Ludwig-Forum, Aachen
(2003), "Living inside the grid" New Museum, New
York (2003). His work was also included in Manifesta
3 Ljubljana (2000). This is the first solo show of
Roland Boden in the UK.

Gavin Wade :
#16 What is brain?

During his residency at the Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien
in Berlin, English artist and curator Gavin Wade has
continued working on Strategic Questions, an ongoing
work to develop 40 projects in response to 40
questions written by Buckminster Fuller. During his
residency in Berlin, Wade has been collaborating
with German artist Henrik Schrat to answer question
#16 What is brain?
The publication One Day Comic (20.1.05), launched at
Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, is a 30 page comic about
Barnaby Kaminsky and the day he answered the door to
two missionaries spreading the word of their
glorious founder Charles T. Russell. The comic
delves into the true story of Wagner Corp., the
recipe for fried brains and the connection between
Rosa Luxembourg and the special thought of the
invisible floating brain.



22. February, 7-9pm- Opening Roland Boden, APT Gallery, 6 Creekside, SE8, DLR Deptford + tube New Cross

24. February, 7pm - Talk at the Goethe Institut London, London based curator and critic Diana Baldon in conversation with artist Roland Boden and Christoph Tannert (director, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien)

Roland Boden - still from DVD "Traum des Schlaefers" - 2005


24. February, presentation of the 1-day comic "What is Brain", a collaboration between Gavin Wade and Henrik Schrat marking the end of Gavin wade's residency at Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin

you can order a copy of "What is Brain" through the Strategic Questions web site

this project has been curated and organized by Deb Astell, Boris Kremer and Tobi Maier


London / Berlin residency exchange (PART I)

The residencies completed in June/August 2004 were followed by an exhibition at Kunstfabrik in Berlin, 21 August - 5 September 2004, and in APT gallery in London, 26 August - 11 September 2004.

At Kunstfabrik, Berlin
Residency: July-August
Exhibition: 21 August – 5 September
2yk Galerie, Am Flutgraben 3 - 12435 Berlin

Barry Sykes
John Wynne
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Fallender Ton fuer 207 Lautsprecherboxen, 2004, John Wynne

At APT gallery and studios, London
Residency: July-August
Exhibition: 26 August - 5 September 2004
APT gallery, 6 Creekside, SE8, tube New Cross, DLR Deptford

Despina Stokou
Martin Pfahler
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Arena Cut, 2004, Martin Pfahler

this project has been curated and organized by Deb Astell, Wolfgang Schlegel and Tobi Maier

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